Hanging Plant Shelf


Hanging Plant Shelf

When looking at a book about window treatments trying to find a style I like for my living room, I found this planter idea for your window.  I showed it to my friend and she also liked it so we talked about making one for each of us.  Usually when Katy and I find things we want to make, they do not happen (unless it is sewing, then I get around to it eventually).  However, this weekend we were both free so we went to the hardware store, bought what we needed and got to work. We had the wood cut to size at the store, but when we arrived home, we marked where we wanted the clay pots and traced circles for their positions.

Drilled holes

Drilled holes

During halftime of the OSU game, we dragged Patrick and Ben out to help us so they drilled a hole on the inside edge of the circle.  After drilling the holes, they used a jigsaw to cut four circles in each plank of wood.  They also drilled two holes on each end of the board to loop the supporting rope through.


Cutting holes for the pots

 The little ice cream cone and Buckeye fan get to work painting pictures.  And meanwhile, Katy starts mixing and opening the paint can…


Girls hard at work painting

and here is what happens when she does.  For those of you who do not know Katy, which most of you who read this so far do, she is a bit of a clutz.  That is why we had to have the guys use the drill and jigsaw.  We were worried for Katy’s well-being, which was apparently warranted considering this incident.


Katy opening the paint can

Somehow she did not get anything on her.  Amazing.  So we painted the boards and let them dry.  Then we flipped them and painted the other side.

My Eagle Scout husband tied double overhand knots in the ends of the rope after he slipped them through the board holes.


Double overhand knot



Bottom of the board with ropes attached

Patrick hung the plank and it was magically level on the first attempt, though tilting backwards so there were a few adjustments needed.


Patrick hanging window garden

So now, here is the finished product, minus the plants.  I may make a slight adjustment by angling the holes so that the pots can sit lower.  I am also pondering painting the board the same color as the walls in the kitchen, but I am waiting until I decide what type of valence and fabric I will use in the space between the curtain rod and the window frame.


Finished Product



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