Meeting and Greeting

I would like to continue to discuss places where I sell.  Well, not really the places, but the act of selling.  Before going to any markets, I thought I would not like the selling part of the business.  I mean, I started with the idea of selling online, where I would not have to promote my creations in person.  Also, when I was teaching, I was always nervous before the first day of school and I was teaching high school students.  Once I knew them a little, I was fine, but that always took a couple of classes.  The night before my first street festival (the first event that I tried), I was quite nervous: Did I have enough products made? Would people like the products? Were the prices right? Would I be able to talk to people about my items? And so on.  After we finished setting up, and people started coming by our booth (I was sharing with one of my friends), I realized how fun it is to just say hi to people and talk to them.  It did not matter whether they were shopping or not, just seeing them walk by and talking to them was fun.  I tend to be an introvert, with my husband dragging me anywhere where there are more than just a couple of close friends, so it was a big surprise to both of us that I enjoyed meeting all these new people and talking to them.  I especially love when I have repeat customers come by and check out my stuff.  It is great to hear how much they like their purchases and seeing them trying to find something new.  I also like it when I see a little girl come by with a dress that either my mom or I made, or I catch a little boy “flying” by in a Mindys Makes superhero cape.  My regular market has been closed since the end of November, so I look forward to seeing these families in May, and I can see how much the kids have grown (hopefully they still fit into my clothes).Boy in Spider Cape2012-07-22_10-46-45_522

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