Getting Crafty

I do not know how many of you have crafty mothers, but my mom is pretty crafty.  Not crafty like Pinterest style crafty where she would feel inclined to do twenty crafts for every holiday, but she sewed/constructed most of our Halloween costumes, she helped with school dioramas, she was a big contributor to our high school’s huge after-Prom event when my siblings or I were involved.  I still remember a slightly disastrous salt dough map that took forever to dry and almost did not make it to school after all that hard work.  She is very clever about puzzling how to make projects and uses many creative items to construct them.  For example, the year before my husband and I got married, we were going to a music festival and we wanted to hang a lot of windsocks from a flagpole one of our friends was bringing.  For some reason, I have a lot of windsocks (maybe had, not sure where they are now), but Patrick and I decided that our moms should have a “mompetition” to see who could make the best windsock.  Patrick’s mom is a great weaver (see the little woven handbags in the shop section) and pretty crafty herself, so we thought it would be great.  The results were really funny.  My mom took it very seriously and went all out, sewing nylon together, finding markers that would write on the nylon and figuring out how to spell the name of the festival, and lastly buying cheap toy instruments to dangle from the windsock.  Patrick’s mom, maybe the smarter and less ridiculous of the two in this instance, thought we were joking and did not make one.  The whole situation was quite funny.

Where I am going with this is that my mom sometimes goes overboard while trying to accomplish something and she focuses on her goal, ridiculous as it is, until she finds what she is looking for.  While sometimes this is frustrating to others (and me), it is also useful.  When I call her and tell her that I do not really like how my booth is set-up or that I need some way to display the hats that we make or something like that, she then spends the next several weeks searching for the perfect thing to fit my needs.  She will even go buy something, test it out and return it if she does not think it satisfies the solution.  All in all, I am just so happy to have my mom working with me on Mindys Makes.  She makes beautiful clothing and is so helpful to my process.  I hope you get to enjoy a Debbie’s Make from Mindys Makes too!

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