Funny New Blog – Mom Interviews Celebrities at her Home

So I just discovered a new blog by this woman who interviews celebrities in her apartment, with her kids present.  Ilana Wiles sets the celebrities up in the “green room” with one of her two kids to begin with and it is really funny seeing how they react to this unexpected encounter.  Then she does an interview.  After a short talk, Wiles challenges the celebrity to an everyday parenting task (matching baby socks, collapsing a stroller, etc), usually while timing them.  She throws a craft in there as well, to entertain her daughter and add another challenge to the person she is interviewing.  So, check out The Mommy Show and her blog, Mommy Shorts.

Discloser: I have only watched some of the videos so far, but I am excited to read the blogs and continue with the videos and am sure they will be great as well.



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