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A brief glance at some new superheroes and one bumblebee from my year so far…

I just wanted to show you some of the fun that I get to have while working the markets.  I sell a lot of capes and if I remember and the parent does not mind (most do not, which is very generous), I take pictures of the kids modeling their new superhero gear.  I included […]

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Meeting and Greeting

I would like to continue to discuss places where I sell.  Well, not really the places, but the act of selling.  Before going to any markets, I thought I would not like the selling part of the business.  I mean, I started with the idea of selling online, where I would not have to promote […]

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Welcome to my new webpage!!!  It may have taken a while, but it is here!  I am very excited and hope you find it easier and more enjoyable to use.  I think our products are displayed much better, I think the pictures are clearer, and I think it is easier to check out with exactly […]

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