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Funny New Blog – Mom Interviews Celebrities at her Home

So I just discovered a new blog by this woman who interviews celebrities in her apartment, with her kids present.  Ilana Wiles sets the celebrities up in the “green room” with one of her two kids to begin with and it is really funny seeing how they react to this unexpected encounter.  Then she does […]

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A brief glance at some new superheroes and one bumblebee from my year so far…

I just wanted to show you some of the fun that I get to have while working the markets.  I sell a lot of capes and if I remember and the parent does not mind (most do not, which is very generous), I take pictures of the kids modeling their new superhero gear.  I included […]

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Hanging Plant Shelf

When looking at a book about window treatments trying to find a style I like for my living room, I found this planter idea for your window.  I showed it to my friend and she also liked it so we talked about making one for each of us.  Usually when Katy and I find things […]

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Getting Crafty

I do not know how many of you have crafty mothers, but my mom is pretty crafty.  Not crafty like Pinterest style crafty where she would feel inclined to do twenty crafts for every holiday, but she sewed/constructed most of our Halloween costumes, she helped with school dioramas, she was a big contributor to our […]

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Meeting and Greeting

I would like to continue to discuss places where I sell.  Well, not really the places, but the act of selling.  Before going to any markets, I thought I would not like the selling part of the business.  I mean, I started with the idea of selling online, where I would not have to promote […]

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Welcome to my new webpage!!!  It may have taken a while, but it is here!  I am very excited and hope you find it easier and more enjoyable to use.  I think our products are displayed much better, I think the pictures are clearer, and I think it is easier to check out with exactly […]

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